We believe that the more we inform our customers about common issues and how to fix them, the easier their lives will be. However, if you mistreat your appliances this could lead to a dangerous accident, be aware!

So that being said, it is really important to keep your appliances clean, well-maintained and generally looking good and working well.

When Did You Last Clean Your Appliances?

It is extremely important that you maintain your appliances by cleaning them on a regular basis. Every couple of months or so, should suffice.

Below you will find a list of certain appliances that you must keep clean, otherwise, they can become a hazard to your health and quite possibly the property you are living in:

  1. Checking and cleaning the filters on washing machines
  2. Cleaning out your oven to make sure there isn’t any grease or built-up fat around its fan or corners, as it can turn into quite the dangerous issue at some point.
  3. If you have a tumble dryer, then making sure that you proactively clean out all of the fluff in there after every use.
  4. Ensure that you have working smoke alarms. This may be just common sense, but you would be surprised how many people take out the smoke alarm batteries.
  5. Making sure that your fridge is cleaned. What we mean by this is that the drainage hole at the back isn’t blocked by plastic or other debris, etc.
  6. Make sure you have an escape route planned in your home. A smart idea as always, you never know when a fire might break out in your home.

Are You Using Your Appliances Correctly?

If you are unsure about one of the appliances within your home, then it is probably a good idea if you read the manual that comes with the appliance. You might think it’s not necessary, but it will help. If you have a washing machine for example and you end up putting soap powder in the wrong place, you could potentially break it and have to fork out your hard-earned money for a new one.

There are other dangers to this as well. You might end up causing a fire in your home, which is never good. Home appliances like refrigerators should be kept in dry places of your home, away from direct sunlight and radiators.

If you are still unsure about how to use your appliances effectively and safely, then please get in touch with us here at Britannic Appliance Services – we will guide you through the process.

You can easily get in touch with us either via our contact form on the website

or by giving us a call on 0203 951 0430.

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